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    Cupping is an ancient technique that, over the centuries, has been able to innovate and improve so that, already used at the time of Hippocrates and later by the Chinese, is now included as a practice to regenerate the body .It is the application on the skin the person treated the cups like yogurt cups or glass cups, bamboo or pottery, creating a “suction” effect that keeps the container glued to the body. The application can take from 5 to 20 minutes and produces the effect alteration of the energy flows of the body through a stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation. Cupping can thus be considered a therapy “reflection-stimulating” it exploits the principles of traditional Chinese medicine acting on the so-called reflex zones. Through it you can restore balance and re-establish the functionality of the organ or apparatus in disharmony.



    The moxa is the remedy that uses the heat given off by the burning mugwort with a view to cure and prevent the cold seizure, humidity and contractions by activating the ability of a person to self-healing.
    The Artemisia vulgaris, also known as “grass crushes devils”, is gathered at the summer solstice, and from the dried and crushed leaves you get a wool with which are formed into balls, cones or, wrapping it in paper mulberry, the cigars.
    These remedies are made and used to burn through the prolonged application of heat on specific points of the body, acupuncture meridians and acupoints (the same as the traditional Chinese massage TUINA).

    The heat of moxa is very sharp, pleasant, effective in improving the immune system, poor circulation, cold wet conditions and lack of energy.

    Is indicated:
    – Aggravated disorders, humidity and freddocome arthritis, rheumatism, neck pain, sciatica, low back pain and joint pain.
    – Traumatic causes, muscle contractures, lumbago, whiplash, stiff neck, muscles and bones, epicondylitis, muscle contractures.
    – Activates dell’agopunto properties especially in cases of cold limbs, diarrhea, constipation, poor digestion, fatigue, hemorrhoids, lung problems, upheaval of the breech fetus.
    – Preventive: to stay healthy especially so in the elderly.
    – Emergency situations: cramps, strains, toothache, insect bites

    Many publications emphasize the potential of moxibustion, which, in light of centuries of experience, evidenced above all the most action in the chronic phase of the disease or if other treatments have failed.