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    Weight loss has never been so easy !

    What’s Cocoon ?

    The famous Cocoon has revolutionized the concept of weight loss. Thanks to the exclusive methodology, to active substances for specific next-generation products and to diet based on right combinations, to lose the pounds becomes an experience of pure pleasure relaxing and rejuvenating.

    Loose from a pound to 1 kg per session … you want a proof?
    Awaits a seat that will keep you coming …

    Some life forms such as butterflies produce, during the larval stage and until their complete development, an extraordinary protective shell, called “Cocoon”.
    The cocoon is a fruit machine with the latest scientific research with the aim of creating a balanced environment, warm, friendly, regenerating with body contouring purposes.
    The Cocoon, with its ultra-sophisticated dry heating elements combined action of active products, systems, frees up the fat reserves and through the body thermogenesis causes a rise in the index of metabolism for several hours with a considerable consumption of calories.
    The time of a session is 45 minutes

    COCOONELLE: 2 cm less in one session, located where you want!

    8 TREATMENTS IN 1cocoonelle


    1. Draining WHERE YOU WANT
    2. Toning WHERE YOU WANT
    3. PUSH UP breast
    4. Turkish bath DETOXIFYING
    5. Infrared rays against Cellulite
    6. Chromotherapy INCREASE METABOLISM
    7. Relaxant Treatment
    8. Ionized air


    The treatments that provides the aesthetics Cocoon Center are based on a simple concept: give back to the body its natural balance altered by the intense pace of life, age and environmental assaults.
    Today there Cocoonelle, an oasis of peace and beauty that will have you hooked from the first meeting, offering you an immersion in total wellness to rejuvenate the face, breast and body with a series of targeted treatments.
    The results are immediate … with a yardstick in hand, in a session be able to lose 1 to 4 cm. wherever you want, without sacrifice, without any food restriction: the effectiveness of high-quality products applied to the united power of machinery guarantee so much the result promised that we are willing to refund if you are not satisfied.
    Cocoonelle, a moment of relaxation can enjoy without notice: 30 minutes of pampering treat by including a commitment to another, when we feel like doing, and eight treatments simultaneously.