• Riflessologia plantare immagine piedi


    What is foot reflexology

    Foot reflexology is a technique by which restores the energy balance of the body, using a particular type of massage that, through stimulation and compression of specific reflex points on the feet, strongly related to organ systems, allows you to exercise preventive action and intervention of any organism imbalances.

    The onset of reflexology is traced back to ancient civilizations, especially Eastern. However, a variety of documents indicate that this technique was practiced by pre-Columbian civilizations and the Indians. The representation of a fetus in the foot is present in a 6000 years ago discovered graffiti in Valcamonica.

    In more recent times, reflexology survives and grows, thanks to Ivan P. Pavlov. At the beginning of the twentieth century, thanks to an American otolaryngologist, William Fitzgerald, they begin to codify some of the concepts in the field of reflexology. A then develop the concepts of the master is especially the physiotherapist Eunice Ingham, today considered the real founder of modern reflexology, based on the exploitation of a detailed map of the reflex zones localized on the human foot.

    Benefits of foot reflexology

    The feet are a delicate structure, precious, essential for a good quality of life, that is subjected to inevitable daily overload. Therefore they deserve to be the object of attention and be treated with care.

    The existence of reflex reactions to a contact is not only subject to reliable reports from doctors, but trivial experience very common. A nice hot bath, a good massage feet are always followed by a very pleasant and relaxing sensation.

    Reflexology tends to improve in three main areas: congestion, inflammation and tension. The goal is to phase out, during the sessions, these conditions often interconnected, restoring balance to the body.

    There are some contraindications. Reflexology avoids dealing with pregnant women and during menstruation. It is recommended to treat between meals and you avoid dealing extremely agitated or nervous subjects.

    Recommendations for foot reflexology

    Foot reflexology is recommended for the most common pains from back pain, headaches, annoyance with the hollow of the cheekbones (sinuses), up to knee problems.

    The reflexology foot massage is also a great tool to quit smoking or to help during an episode of insomnia.

    They can fight problems such as cystitis, indigestion, cellulite, stress, cramps, osteoarthritis and anxiety.