• Energetic Meridians


    MERIDIANS MASSAGES charged with oils and light pen
    The Light Pen Aura-Soma

    It ‘a big step in the Next Light Therapy. It ‘been developed in order to focus the energies of Aura-Soma in the most sensitive areas of the body, such as the chakras, meridians, acupuncture points and the different levels of subtle energies around the physical body. The bi-colored vials, which contain the energies of the Equilibrium bottles, corresponding to the vibrations of color, plants and crystals, have been carefully selected to apply them on different energy points of the body.

    Each vial will bring a different quality to any point which comes in contact. In this way personal energies may be modified and improved. These energies will support the flow of Chi around our bodies, for our well being and boost our potentials and talents in daily life.

    The Light Pen is also very adequate if you want to treat the ‘density’ points in our subtle bodies. The study and work with the Light is a very broad subject and we are ready to receive it at this time in our evolution.


    IMG_3707The Light Pen of Aura-Soma system (Beamer Light Pen) makes the light and concrete color in their work on human bodies. This is a therapeutic transformation system and auric expansion that is unequaled. One can say that with this stumento extraordinary, so much “subliminal” as “physical”, the energetic and vibrational therapies (like our Multidimensional Bodywork Therapy) find their perfect and concrete expressive possibilities and their full realization.

    With the Pen Bright all 111 of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium color combinations are conveyed through the ‘direct use of light and bright and colorful beam so that it creates, applied in specific areas of the physical body and subtle bodies, is able to make it even more immediate, strong and tangible ‘s therapeutic effect of this chrome-therapy system.

    Pen Light is a tool similar to a small flashlight in which you insert the bulbs filled with the combinations-color Aura-Soma, and it is specifically this that makes it different from other light pens. By working with the Aura-Soma substances, the Beamer Pen uses any specific vibrational quality of these colorful substances out of the ordinary and unique in their kind.

    In this way the therapeutic potential of the oils of the Equilibrium, enlightened and thus enhanced by the light given, when directed to specific areas of the physical body (points on the meridians) and the subtle body (chakras) help to dissolve blockages and tension and stimulate the rebalancing energy and mental well-being.

    Some of the major works of Upgrading and psychophysical Energy release that you can deal with the Beamer Light Pen are:

    – Energy rebalancing the Chakras in loading and / or unloading

    – Restore the correct flow of “Ki” in the Meridians of the body (meridians of ‘Acupuncture)

    – Work of the Kundalini stimulus

    – Energy Work relating to Interpersonal Relationships (2nd and 3rd chakra), the Rating (3rd), to ‘affectivity (4th), the Inner Vision (6th)

    – Metamorphic Massage “bright”

    In addition, the subtle work of “High Therapy Subliminal” the Beamer Light Pen (a real therapy dell ‘Anima) expands and enhances the classic energy-vibrational therapies. With it you can effectively address issues such as:

    – The connection of the Three Stars by the subtle anatomical ‘ “8 Anthroposophical”

    – The “Surgery Metaphysics”

    – Work on the Biorhythm and on “Energy Gates” linked to the Mayan Calendar

    – The work on Past Lives

    – Energy work with the “Sacred Geometry” applied on the human body

    – The “massage of ‘Archangel of the Heart”

    According to traditional Chinese medicine matter it is infused with a subtle energy, called chi or qi, which is manifested through the vibration, movement and motion waves. The Chi energy flows through a network of channels called meridians, that extend for the whole body as an intricate web.
    The latter can be compared to a second nervous system that connects the physical body and the subtle energy system that surrounds him.
    According to the Chinese model, there are twelve pairs of meridians, and each pair is associated with a different organ.
    The first reference to this network of energy is done in the Nei Ching, or Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, written during the reign of Emperor Huang Ti between 2697 and 2596 BC
    The concept of energy who is still a place in modern culture, and millions of people are convinced that to ensure your body a good state of physical and mental health is essential to allow this energy to flow smoothly and evenly.
    Traditional Chinese medicine has a number of methods to facilitate the movement of energy in order to preserve the well-being and encourage the spiritual development. The fluid movements of Qi Gong and Tai Chi and acupuncture and acupressure techniques use the knowledge of the meridians to clear energy arrest and treat the disease. All Qi Gong masters are able to diagnose the disease by reading the subtle anatomy.
    According to Qi Gong teacher, Wang Zhi-xing, the diseases are nothing more than a stop of energy flow in the body.
    The circulation of subtle energy can eliminate this arrest, and thus cure the disease.
    Of course, many will wonder if there is scientific evidence of the existence of similar energy channels or meridians. Twenty years ago, a Japanese researcher, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, invented a machine, the AMI (apparatus for measuring the functions of the meridians and Corresponding internal organs, or device for measuring the function of the meridians and the corresponding internal organs) to measuring the electrical characteristics of the twelve main meridians. After studying more than five subjects with the aid of this equipment, which works by applying on the skin, to the “entry points” of each meridian, twenty-eight electrodes, Motoyama noted a clear correlation between meridians electronically disharmonious and the presence of a disease in ‘associated organ.
    Today there are several machines on the market to detect the electrical differential in the human body.

    The medical and Oriental mystical traditions share the belief that particular centers, known as “chakra”, support a key role in the circulation of energy in the body. The seven major chakras are linked inextricably to the meridian system.
    The chakras can be defined as the “transformers”, which at the same time receive, assimilate and transmit energy.
    They are able to collect and maintain different types of energy, and can also change their vibrations to power as well use that energy for other purposes.
    Those who want to see the chakras, try to imagine the flowers and vibrant colored petals attached to the spine with invisible strings.
    These are intertwined in the nervous system in the body and distribute the energy of each chakra. The chakras receive status information constantly subtle bodies.
    The seven chakra centers control the major glands of the endocrine system and affect both the physical and psychological state.
    The chakra associations are slightly different between the East and the West, which may explain why individuals of one of the two cultures find it difficult to feel totally at ease in the other culture.
    Each chakra has its own “pulse rate”; Some vibrate very quickly, others more slowly, depending on what are the care and attention that each individual subject to his body. If a chakra is not working properly, so here that will affect the chakras that are located above and below it.

    How meridians interact with the Energy Systems

    Although the energy systems are, for convenience, considered to be separate entities, in reality they are all connected and interact continuously, functioning as an entity energy. The meridians connect and pass through the body organs (can help to imagine the meridians like rivers of energy constantly moving, flowing in and out of each other). In addition to the already mentioned energy channels there are eight others, the so-called extraordinary meridians, which run between the etheric body and the physical and act as a sort of energy reserve, borrowing points from organ meridians and creating their passes between the nervous and circulatory system.
    These meridians are linked to the vitality and the emotional / mental states of the individual. Their primary function is to feed the main meridians with energy, qi or life force. The extraordinary Meridian most important moves along the center of the body, the mind by connecting directly with the main chakras which, in turn, are related to the subtle bodies. The latter, without exception, enter and leave the body through various chakras or entry points.
    The subtle energy system can be viewed as a series of diaphanous layers maintained in place by thin membranes that separate them, but at the same time allow them to extend into one another.
    As for the aura is important to remember that it is a reflection of the physical vitality: the more you are balanced and healthy, and the larger the auric field. The latter can also radiate to more than one meter from the body, for its energy invests the whole system of subtle bodies.
    In poor health conditions, the aura is back close to the body in order to conserve vital energy.
    The entire energy system is in constant flux and these energies will exchange, redistribute and rebalance constantly.


    “The body is the privileged place where the Cosmos manifests the creative energy of the Self