• Color therapy is an ancient natural healing technique, which is based on the benefits of different colors on the body and psyche. Let’s see how it works

    Curing with the colors, this is the principle of color therapy, which is part of the therapeutic techniques of holistic or natural medicine, but whose origins are very remote. The ancient Egyptians wont to add colored pigments to their medicinal powders enhance the effects. But color therapy has developed especially in the east, where it associates with the theory of chakras of Ayurvedic medicine.

    Assuming that our body is crossed by several energy points, it is seen that it is possible to appropriately stimulating them prevent and treat various psychosomatic illnesses. Stress, anxiety, feelings are not expressed as anger and sadness, accumulate in specific areas of the body causing disease states.

    Color therapy uses the stimulating and soothing qualities of the color gamut of the color spectrum – the same iris or rainbow – to bring the chakra, and then the whole body in balance. Of course you can not expect to cure serious diseases and esclusivamante using only the colors, but no doubt many ailments can be relieving, not to mention that associate the color therapy, which has no side effects, to traditional drug treatments, it is useful to enhance the effects and to give relief to the psyche.


    We see the benefits that each color brings, and how you can leverage through the different treatments:

    • Red: warm and stimulating color par excellence, is useful against low blood pressure, it increased respiratory rate, stimulates the liver and endocrine activity. It also promotes wound healing, relaxes the muscles and is therefore useful to relieve contractures, strains and inflammation of the fibers. Finally, the red also helps to decongest the respiratory tract and to reduce and thinning mucus and phlegm. On the psyche it has an energizing effect, and stimulates the libido a bit ‘ “tired”
    • Orange is a warm color, but less intense than the red. And ‘ideal for sports, but above all it is beneficial activity of the thyroid gland, it is antispasmodic and gives joy. For the psyche plagued by depression, fears, neuroses and mania it is extremely positive, as well as on anorexic people, because it stimulates in them a natural appetite and helps to regain the love of life
    • Yellow: warm color that helps relieve all digestive disorders, abdominal bloating partcolare colitis, cleanses the blood and index a sense of joy and positivity. In addition it also helps mental focus and troubleshooting
    • Green: it is a neutral color that is considered curative broad spectrum. For example, it is beneficial on overexcited psyche, it gives serenity and induces calm in case of anxiety and stress, calms the cramps and gastrointestinal disorders (especially gastritis and ulcers), is a natural antibacterial and disinfectant. It ‘also helpful in case of insomnia and sleep disorders
    • Blue: cold color which helps to slow the blood pressure and therefore useful for those who suffer from high blood pressure and tachycardia. The blue induces relaxation and has a natural analgesic effect. And ‘considered beneficial for treating various inflammatory type, especially in the throat, joints and teeth, skin irritation, burns and insect bites. In addition, it acts as a febrifuge and helps relieve migraines and headaches
    • Indigo: cold color located between the blue and purple. And it is useful for all disorders affecting the head, including the eyes, nose and ears. It favors intuition, and also calms the overactive thyroid and is therefore useful in case of hyperthyroidism
    • Violet: is a cool color by very powerful effects on the psyche. It fosters dreams, intuition, inspiration and creativity. From the physical point of view, then, is beneficial on the nerves, it stimulates the production of white blood cells and the activity of the spleen, strengthens bones and joints. It helps in case of inflammatory skin diseases, has a healing effect and analgesic in neuralgia.

    The chromatic bathrooms, both “dry” and in the water, are considered very beneficial for the whole body, but you can also target different colors depending on their effects on various organs in the reference chakra with chromo-puncture (similar to acupuncture and acupressure).

    Even the power supply can deliver the benefits of color therapy. Especially fruits and vegetables help us to improve our health based on their color. We choose therefore to vary the ingredients of our dishes also based on the tones of food, in order to grant us all the possible healing effects and balancing color.