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    What’s  Auricular Therapy

    The auricular therapy consists intervention on specific points of the ear for therapeutic purposes. also known as auricolopuntura or ear acupuncture, it is a technique belonging to the corpus of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The auriculotherapy is based on the assumption that the pinna reproduces the human organism together in detail.

    The ear is the place of confluence of precise energy channels corresponding to organs and body functions. These acupuncture points are stimulated, through different modes, to treat organic and energy imbalances diseases of various kinds. As a discipline, auriculotherapy was born in France in the fifties of the twentieth century, the work of a general practitioner in Lyon, Dr. Paul Nogier. Since then the auricular has spread around the world, giving rise to various schools, including the German, American and Italian. From the works of various scientists Nogier left for experimenting fields of intervention and new theories. Among these you may include Bahr, Jarricot, Romoli, Oleson, Sponzilli, Bazzoni, Pagani, Pellin, Groblas-Levi and Bourdiol.

    Benefits and contraindications

    The effectiveness of the treatment is denoted after the first sessions, in particular for therapies aimed at by smoke dependencies, food and alcohol. It is precisely in the context of the latter applications that the auricular enjoys most successful among the average population, considering the presence of specific stimulators headsets on the market, sponsored as useful to stop smoking or lose weight.

    Like the Chinese acupuncture, auricular therapy is also characterized by a low level of side effects. This allows all ages to get close to such rules and undergo auricular stimulation treatments.

    For who it is useful auricular therapy

    Among the disorders and diseases treatable by the auricular are insomnia, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression, nausea, vomiting, shyness, smoking and alcohol addiction, obesity, hunger control, sciatica, lumbar sciatica, neck pain, periatrite shoulder joint, psoriasis, infertility, erectile dysfunction, treatment of tonsils and inconvenience to posture.